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Gaming Thoughts #9: Roblox

I am no longer an employee of Roblox.

With any other job I could just leave it at that, but Robloxians have this strange curiosity of what happened to their past (I got asked about Clockwork every week), so I figured I’d explain it as well as I currently can.

I do not feel the time was wasted. I enjoyed the job in many ways. I started just as a simple mod running through all submitted reports, doing what was basically a grind. But it was my first job, it paid well, and I could work from home. I live halfway across the US! Wow! Amazing! The best feature.

After a while due to my old short tenure as a volunteer mod and more openness to the community, I was asked to join up on a small team of people dedicated to just forums. It wasn’t just “forum moderation,” it came with many other responsibilities to the community itself. I took the job somewhat cautiously since it came with a lot more stringent rules since I’ll be more public, so I needed to act more adult and more consistent with the image they wanted all (three) of us to follow. Most of it made me scared to update Briguy’s Roblox since I’ve never been the best judge of what to and what not to say.

Time went on, and I started to see something wrong with what I was doing. I had a responsibility to the community, but how do I show I’m fulfilling that role? How can I say what I think about things halfway across the US? The best feature soon started to become the worst. There’s only so much comradery for people and a company you maybe meet once a year.

I’m deep into Roblox outside of Roblox. I read comments on other player’s videos, have a twitter feed open to just “roblox”, and I even moderate the Roblox subreddit. The number 1 complaint all the time about Roblox? The community. That hits hard. To me it says “This is something you should be taking care of and fixing” but I can’t from my desk in Chicago. It shouldn’t hit me this hard. But it does. Nothing like you vs. the entire Internet hivemind.

So after I started really get hit by these thoughts and effects, it started to affect my work too much (especially during my last week!), so I broke off this job myself. No pressure came down from them, it was all by me, for me. (they still got worried and talked to me about my work during this last week, which they had full right to do and wasn’t really affecting my decision since it was in the works since before then (bleh))

What happens now? I have other, more important things that need my immediate attention rather than a stable job (I’m only 20 guys I still live at home I know what I’m doing sheesh) so those things are getting done first. I’ll probably not talk about them too much since hey they’re personal problems. I’d rather talk about things once they’re sorted like in the case of what I’m doing right now.

Whatever happens, just know I still love Roblox and I’ll continue to contribute to it’s community in my own ways. Ways that I’m sure I’ll appreciate more now that I’ve been on the inside.

Until then, play on Robloxians. Never stop playing, building, and imagining.

-Brian “Briguy9876” Reddington

P.S: No, I won’t tell you about April 1st. Go away. 

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